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Dictionary of savant words of the French language - The 4,000 premier words to learn to enrich one's vocabulary and to express oneself with the right words

This is the « Petit Goursau », a dictionary of words seldom used to respond to the wait of a public who loves the French language.
9,90 €

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Aeronautical dictionary – French/English – English/French

Over 5,000 technical translations adapted to your activity to be more comfortable in your professional life.
10,00 €

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Dictionary of Medicine - English/French

Featuring more than 150 000 French translations, this dictionary covers all vocabulary relating to the different branches of medicine, science and medical techniques. 
25,00 €

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Dictionary of Technical Terms FRENCH-ENGLISH / ENGLISH-FRENCH

This is a modern translation dictionary that compiles -in each language- more than 35,000 specialized terms from the industrial sciences and technology field. 

40,00 €