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Rules of the 21st century stock market / Language – Uses – People

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ISBN: 9782904105371
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450 financial and stock market terms are explained in a simple, precise and detailed manner.

This is a new dictionary which will allow the reader to better understand the financial sphere, by deciphering its language and its uses and by showing the key players of the stock market.

450 words and expressions of stock market language alphabetically ordered will permit the reader to enter into the domain of finance, economy and the stock market. Finance and the stock market are fields in which the vocabulary is most difficult to understand. This dictionary of a new and modern genre will allow a large number of people to progress in their learning, to complete their training for the stock market and finance, and to better follow the current financial situation, helped by precise definitions which are nonetheless easily understood.

This lexical is destined to facilitate your life by bringing you a better understanding of technical terms. It will not make decisions for you, but help you to better understand the actions of large groups and stock market advisors that you will eventually consult. A practical book, accessible by everybody, be they student, saver, investor, baker, executive, seeker or reader of economic pages of the daily press. A work which adds a brick to the structure of financial sciences and which will allow you to better take on the use of vocabulary which is not always easy to understand.