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Special dictionary for Syrian refugees, migrants and asylum seekers travelling towards Europe

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200 useful arabic sentences, questions and phrases translated into 26 European languages

Among the difficulties facing Arabic-speaking migrants when they arrive in Europe is the language barrier.

Lack of knowledge of foreign languages is a major obstacle and hinders refugees’ ability to communicate and integrate into society. In Syria people learn English in school but rarely French and other languages.

The language barrier is difficult to overcome and can be a real obstacle to successful integration. It makes it difficult for Syrians to adapt to life in their host countries and to find work.

Our publishing house specializes in foreign languages; we wanted to do our bit to help Syrian migrants by producing a multilingual handbook specially designed for them.

We have selected 200 everyday phrases, questions and expressions in Arabic and translated them into 26 European languages. They are simple phrases to ask for directions (e.g. to the train station or town centre) and related to food, accommodation, transport (e.g. how to catch a bus), etc. These 200 phrases cover asking practical questions, obtaining useful information and basically dealing with any situation. They also cover the basics, such as how to say hello, goodbye and thank you. The idea is that the guide will be a linguistic lifesaver, enabling people to cope with the kind of complications that can crop up in everyday life. To get to know local people in their own language, but above all to resolve confusion or get out of a difficult situation, wherever they end up in Europe.

This 80-page alphabetical phrase book can be consulted simply and quickly by a Syrian, who can then point to the corresponding translation. Each language has its own section ; the 26 languages include Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

As the first of its kind in the world, this phrase book is an invaluable communication tool for all Syrian refugees fleeing their war-torn country and forced to travel through many European countries in search of refuge.