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Medical conversation dictionary - French/English – English/French

5,000 bilingual phrases designed to facilitate the dialogue between health professionals and the patients, despite the language barrier.
10,00 €

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Special dictionary for Syrian refugees, migrants and asylum seekers travelling towards Europe

200 useful arabic sentences, questions and phrases translated into 26 European languages

0,00 €

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Multilingual dictionary of Football

Henri Goursau, eminent lexicograph, author of numerous translation dictionaries, was very enthusiastic to do an inventory of the main vocabularies of football in several languages.

16,00 €

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Dictionary of anglicisms - 5,000 anglicisms heard on the radio, on the television or seen in the papers

Anglicisms are everywhere, especially in the media!
The media addicted to anglicisms?
12,00 €

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Dictionary for travel in Europe - 200 essential phrases translated into 40 languages of 48 countries of Europe

Here is a useful dictionary for any French person that travels in Europe.

12,00 €

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Rules of the 21st century stock market / Language – Uses – People

450 financial and stock market terms are explained in a simple, precise and detailed manner.

12,00 €

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Dictionary of travel in Asia - 200 common phrases translated into 70 languages of 50 countries of Asia

This is a new dictionary for the French to finally be able to speak to the people of Asia. A handsome book of presentation and discovery of the 70 main languages of Asia.
12,50 €